CD cover and digipack design for the Berlin cellist Stefanie John. By the way, Ms. John's translation of EP is "mini-album". We like that. If you want to commit yourself forever, the "Wedding Suite" provides you with a suitable soundtrack (sound track) for life. As soon as the packaging of the plate is available, we will take a nice photo. You can hear the compositions live on 12 June. More on Stefanie's page.


The new look for our customer SØREN. From the word mark to typography, colourfulness, image perception and some examples of use. All participants are happy and there is even a small music video for the presentation. youtube


Our guest today: The LAG Werkstatträte Berlin. Our Key Account Manager Thomas Lehmann, together with representatives of the workshop councils, is producing various interviews on the topics of Covid 19 and the reopening of the workshops in Berlin. The finished videos will later be placed on the website of the workshop councils. Then of course with sound. Many thanks to all involved and have fun with the "shoulder view".  youtube


The singer-songwriter Sören Schröder chooses the Oberhafen agency to work on his future appearance. Because he was just there and we wanted to test our video equipment, he plays live at our place a song from his new album, which will be released soon. Sören will document the joint work with us so that the complex and sometimes complicated brand building process is visible and comprehensible. This is not a matter of course and hats off to this decision. Camera and editing: Robert Wieczorek, assistance and lighting: Thomas Lehmann. Berlin 2020 youtube


Oberhafen - Agency for visual communication. At the moment still a construction site but here own contents will be presented in a few weeks. The cooperation with performing, visual artists and designers is very important to us. We are interested in a vital exchange and offer an exciting platform to discuss the small and big questions of creative life. See you soon :-) youtube


Our client Søren is producing a podcast which today deals with his current topic "artistic identity building".
Here he takes up a large part of the workshop topics and describes how his biography has shaped certain values and convictions and which questions still occupy him.
Money, skills, zeitgeist, perception of time, inner and outer contexts also play a major role in this process. It is not so easy to separate the different facets of a personality (in this context one also speaks of roles) and to find corresponding codes for different states of "being".
The visual appearance - i.e. the packaging design of an artist - can be very helpful in this respect, if the inside and outside are experienced as congruent and authentic. Have fun listening.

In a 2-day workshop the singer-songwriter Sören works on his artistic identity and his future appearance. Together with us he illuminates all facets of his project. We talk about his values, find limiting beliefs, reformulate them, define medium and long-term goals, question behaviour, focus on talents and ensure clarity of action. Sören wants to document this process for the public and answers some of our questions that we asked immediately after the workshop. We thank you for Sörens trust and are happy to share this very intimate moment with you. youtube