Values and Principles

1. There is no recipe, no formula, no blueprint
Every order is different, every customer is different, every project requires an individual approach.
Values: creativity, flexibility, process orientation

2. Make it useful
It is about meaningful or meaningful communication and not about the production of media.
When we talk about brands, it is always about humanity, social awareness and the positive intention that is pursued by them.
Values: meaningfulness, quality, systemic thinking, sustainability

3. Do not stay on the safe side
If you want unusual, unique solutions, you have to take risks, show courage and bring entrepreneurial thinking and action.
Values: courage, willingness to take risks, self-confidence

4. Meetings are nice. Meetings are better.
As few people as possible at the meeting table (4 people are ideal). On the client side ideally only decision makers or briefing managers.
Values: efficiency, effectiveness

5. Community means communication
Community means to care about similar things. If community means communication and communication
is the smarter way of advertising, advertising (or the agency) should always target the community and not put itself in the spotlight.
Values: restraint, humility

6. No way in the middle
We believe in the power of strategy, creativity and production as well as in the direct line between client and agency. Mediators are not helpful.
Values: responsibility, clarity, immediacy

7. Always have a mirror with you
Permanent change of perspective and self-reflection prevent operational blindness and promote understanding for other mindsets and perspectives
Values: openness, education, respect

8. Ambition needs modesty and vice versa.
Ambition is indispensable, but often seems like the elephant in the pozelan shop. With modesty, however, you reach your goal much later but more satisfied. Both together. Unbeatable.
Values: Ambition, launch orientation, modesty, patience

9. Embrace the imperfect
We love good, bad, mediocre and also really terrible ideas. We do not believe in perfection. Perfection is boring.
Reality is perfectly imperfect, full of mistakes, accidents and breaks that make up life.
Values: appreciation, recognition, humor, mindfulness

10. Change means disagreement
We will often disagree with each other. If cooperation becomes too convenient, please change agencies immediately! The task of the agency is to illuminate blind spots. This is often painful but necessary.
Values: Self-determination, independence, freedom

11. If you start small, it only goes downhill
Many customers come with concrete inquiries and media requests. We prefer to start with the exact definition of the problem.
The better you know the problem, the easier it is to find a good solution.
Values: Result and solution orientation, economy